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Computational Plasma Science and Engineering Group - 2001

Group Photo 2001

(Left-to-right) Pramod Subramonium, Sang-Hoon Cho, Vivek Vyas, Kapil Rajaraman, Richard Moss, Arvind Sankaran, Ron L. Kinder (Novellus), Kelly Collier, Rajesh Dorai, Mark J. Kushner

[Photo taken June 2001 in front of the Alumni Statue on the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign campus.]

Group Photo on GEC 2000 conference

Members of the ODP Group at the Gaseous Electronics Conference (Houston,TX, October 2000)

(Left-to-right) Kapil Rajaraman, Mark J. Kushner, Vivek Vyas, Rajesh Dorai, Pramod Subramonium, Arvind Sankaran

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